October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


The Logic and Styling of an Ubercart Cart : part 1

Following on from the presentation at http://2011.sandcamp.org/sessions/logic-and-styling-ubercart-cart, this session will discuss the customization and development of Ubercart 2.x for Drupal 6.x. It is aimed at themers with some code skill, or designers with development logistics interest.

Meeting the themeing requirements for an Ubercart installation is often simple; adapt a CSS class or enable an alternative cart pane. But what if you need to do more? What if the structure of the markup isn't quite right? What if the workflow needs modifying beyond the available settings? Do you know you can theme Ubercart without using tables (or TAPIR), that you can let your users manipulate a product's attributes whilst it's in the cart?

Standard CSS and HTML skills along with beginner's PHP is all you need to being implementing hook_form_alter and hook_add_to_cart_data to allow you to modify the customer / product interaction with your requirements in mind. You can customize nearly every aspect of the Ubercart front end with these techniques, you know how to apply them, right?

I was utterly lost when first given these tasks so I attended every Ubercart session I could. Thanks to those sessions at Drupal events in 2010 along with the help and the support of the Drupal community, I managed to get our test site ready for product this year.

At SANDCamp in January I presented a paper based on these result to help however I could and cover as much as I knew, which seemed to go well. Thanks for the great props everyone who cast votes ;-) For BADCamp I would like to offer it again. Boy, am I happy with my new home in the Bay Area :-).

First I review a few drupal skills that you use when you theme a form, module or node. These are very standard drupal skills which could help you add images, features, divs, styles, content and customize your cart in Ubercart 2.x with today. When you see them working their magic in the Ubercart context outlined above they bring happy moments which tell you the day will be good and your site will succeed and be loved.

I'd like to help you start modifying Ubercart on your site and control it's markup with the same skills you use already.

If it's not your first time around this particular block please consider the session "The Logic and Styling of an Ubercart Cart : part 2" if you need more of a module developer's perspective.