October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


Growing a Drupal Shop

Is Running a Drupal Shop Running You Ragged?

This is a fun and interactive workshop for companies trying to grow their business and be more profitable.

We dialog about how to grow a Drupal company. If you are a small shop trying to get to the next level, this might be the right place for you. This is interactive and participatory, not a preach-n-teach session. We find out how others are succeeding and struggling so we can all grow together.

Growing a Drupal Shop

A. Intro: Trends in the Drupal Landscape
1. Three Ms: Maturing, Machinery, Markets
2. The Acquia Juggernaut
3. Current Drupal sites in Govt, Education, & Industry

B. Visualize, Verbalize, Actualize
1. Owning/running a business
2. What *is* success?
3. Defining the role of the business
4. Choosing Partnerships
5. Have an Exit Strategy

C. Skills & Personality Assessment
1. Diagnosing personality types
2. Aligning jobs with personality types
3. What do you like the least?

D. Which and How Many Hats to Wear:
1. Different roles within organization
2. Staffing
3. Which tasks can/should you delegate to others

E. Business Tools Available to You
1. Accounting
2. Payroll Services
3. Banking services
4. Legal
5. Travel
6. Communication
7. When to consult an outside professional

F. Growth Strategies
1. Picking a market
2. What's your passion?
3. Your Unique Selling Proposition
4. Defining your mission
5. Marketing partnerships
6. Finding and Reaching out to your market

G. Sales Forecasting
1. "Looking at the Numbers"
2. Estimating projects
3. Have you allocated enough time?

H. Managing the Team
1. Are you billable?
2. Virtual or Real teams?
3. Budgetary allocation

I. Managing the Client
1. Estimating Custom Projects
2. Are you accounting for enough time?
3. Are you making margin or cash flow?

J. Getting Found
1. SEO & SEO Software
2. Using Google's tools to your advantage

K. Wrap-up
1. Success strategies!
2. Ways of utilizing Acquia to your advantage

L. Q&A

Susan Rust consults as Drupal Anywhere and is a business development and training veteran. A long-time entrepreneur with three successful business startups, she grew a successful Drupal development company that she sold in 2010. As former VP of Client Services for Achieve Internet, she understands small and enterprise-level Drupal business practices. 888-444-1460 or susan@drupalanywhere.com.