October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


Building Truly Successful Web Projects – The Method that ends the Madness

For decades the gold standard for measuring project success has been the project management iron triangle; on time, on budget, on scope. Despite increasingly more rigorous planning strategies, the average project is still 45% over budget, delayed by 63% and missing 1/3 of the promised functionality.

Worse yet, this obsession with certainty is reducing quality, innovation and value while burning out web dev teams - and things are only getting more difficult.

To build truly successful projects a new way of thinking is needed. This session presents modern strategies that have continually proven to beat the averages. We will review the latest research and advice from the world’s foremost software engineers. The session will conclude with a breakdown of the innovative methodologies that drive the majority of world’s leading websites.

This session is for anyone looking to build more successful projects. Project owners will learn how to drive better quality and more innovation, faster and with less cost. Development team will learn how to continually deliver better work with less stress and long weekends.