October 21 to 23, 2011

UC Berkeley, California

A culmination of the brightest Drupal minds in the technology hub of the world


Accepted sessions

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A (Web) Face for Radio: NPR Builds a Platform on Drupal 7

Over the past year, NPR has developed a turn-key web platform for public radio stations. Using Drupal 7 as a base, it allows stations to quickly create a beautiful and dynamic site that leverages...
David Moore

Intermediate Case Study
All About Drupal Modules!

This is a practical session talking about Drupal Modules! I will cover what modules are, how to find and choose the right modules, and how to install modules in both Drupal 6 and 7. If there is...
Sharon Krossa

Beginner Site building
Apache Solr search for Drupal

Standard Drupal search is always a bottleneck when your site starts to grow. There are some options to outsource search load to stand-alone full-text search server like Solr.

This session...
Ievgen Kartakov

Intermediate Code & Develop
Beans, Beans - They're Good For Your...Editors

This session will introduce the Bean module, developed for Energy.gov by Treehouse Agency.

Neil Hastings
Advanced Code & Develop
Beginning Git

Earlier this year, the Drupal community switched from the CVS version control system to Git, the distributed version control system that's sweeping the world.

In this session, I will:

Shawn DeArmond
Intermediate Code & Develop
Best Practices for Development and Deployment

A best practice Drupal workflow starts with local development, testing in a staging environment, and structure deployment to a production environment ranging from a single server to a high-...
Joshua Koenig, Matt Cheney

Intermediate Code & Develop
Beyond WYSIWYG + Comments: Web Engagement is the New CMS

While you were busy with Drupal 7, the CMS landscape changed. It turns out that Marketing Matters, whether you're a non-profit or a money-grubbing corporation. Other CMS tools are now providing...
Jay Batson

Intermediate Code & Develop
Building a Drupal Theme from Scratch using 960 Grid

Using 960 Grid, it is much easier and faster to build a web page than it is to build without it. By using 960 Grid, you also automatically solve the many tedious issues of CSS, especially where...
Bob Brown

Beginner Design & Theme
Building a Multilanguage Site

In this session, the building blocks for a multilingual web-site will be defined, and a simple demo site will be built, including the following and more:

Beginner Site building
Building Beautiful, Dynamic Forms in Drupal 7

Forms aren't just for harvesting information, they're opportunities to build serious karma with your audience and set the right atmosphere on your site. In this session, I talk you through some...
Chris Shattuck

Intermediate Code & Develop
Building Mobile Apps using Drupal as Base

Well no need to explain why mobile apps are important! At present you can't really ignore the iOS and Android platforms. Both these technologies have great potential to use our existing web based...
Sumit Kataria

Intermediate Code & Develop
Caching Demystified

Caching systems are a crucial tool for scaling any application and increasing performance. They are something every Drupal site utilizes on some level, and while they are a critical component of...
Aaron Welch

Intermediate Performance
Calendaring with Drupal

Most people visualize events in a daily, weekly, or monthly calendar format, so using Drupal to create and manage calendars is a desirable feature for many sites. Since Drupal 4.7, the...
Tim Plunkett

Intermediate Site building
California Government, Drupal and your business:
1) Title: California Government, Drupal and your business: a. Theme: how to break in, especially during in a week economy b. Basics: The workings of today’s California government - 3 tier overview...
michael Ross
Intermediate Community
Case Study: Energy.gov

This summer, the US Department of Energy re-launched Energy.gov on Drupal. The technical requirements of the project were driven by an internal need to consolidate...
Roger López

Intermediate Case Study
Client Wrangling: Accelerating Discovery and Development for Drupal Projects

Client Wrangling™: Accelerating Discovery and Development for Drupal Projects

Clients talk Greek
Developers talk Geek
And Client Wrangling is the translation key step to...
Susan Rust

Intermediate Community
Close more deals!

It's show time and it's about one thing.

And it's not Drupal.

Come learn how to close deals and keep your customers coming back for of your secret sauce.

Key points to be...
Anne Stefanyk

Beginner Community
Coat Your Website in Varnish

Varnish is a reverse proxy cache that can significantly speed up your Drupal website. In this talk, we'll dive deep into the theory of how to use Varnish and also go through a hands-on...
Steven Merrill

Advanced Performance
Configuration Management Initiative status report

The Configuration Management Initiative for Drupal 8 has been going full steam for six months. So what has happened, and where do we go from here? I will outline the work that has been done so far...
Greg Dunlap

Intermediate Community
Content optimization & SEO: secret weapons for driving traffic

Drupal gives you a wealth of tools for engaging visitors. It has a great architecture for driving traffic from search engines, blogs and social media. Yet most sites produce anemic traffic from...
Tom McCracken, Ben Finklea

Beginner Site building
Contributing to Drupal -- Issue Queues, Patchwork, Sandboxes, etc.
Contributing back to drupal can be a rewarding experience both in karma, reputation, and getting other people to test that code you just wrote that hopefully won't produce any bugs later. * Issue...
H Fox
Beginner Code & Develop
Converting views and Content types into modules without coding.

You have labored to set up your Drupal 7 site and have created views and custom content types, and now someone wants you to make a similar site.

We will use...
Micheas Herman, Matthew McChesney

Beginner Code & Develop
Crash course in php programming

I will give a quick introduction to fundamentals of php programming.

Basic knowledge of php is important to understand how drupal build and displays pages.

Starting with what are...
Devinder Bhardwaj

Beginner Code & Develop
Crazy Fast Theming with Omega + Delta + Context & Features

A theming workflow based on 960 grid using Omega as a foundation will make you crazy fast! Omega + Omega Tools + Context + Delta + Features is crazy fast & totally flexible. No-code required...
mike stewart

Intermediate Design & Theme
Debugging Techniques for Drupal and LAMP

A general approach to debugging Drupal problems will be presented, followed by an overview of a variety of tools such as the Devel suite, krumo, xdebug, client side debugging such as Firebug and...
Rob Ristroph

Intermediate Code & Develop
dog: A New Era for Drupal Sitebuilding

(This is a replay of my Drupalcon London session, tweaked and updated to reflect new progress).

Sam Boyer
Intermediate Code & Develop
Don't design websites. Design web SYSTEMS!

Drupal's theme layer is very flexible and can accommodate just about any web design. It's important for designers to remember, however, that they're not really creating a page — they're building a...
Todd Nienkerk

Intermediate Design & Theme
Drupal 7 Takes Portland State University to School

Abstract: A case study on how Drupal is being used to manage over 160 department sites at Portland State University.

Managing the hundreds of websites a university needs is no simple task....
Jennifer Hols

Beginner Case Study
Drupal 7 UX Study results
Three years after our first round of formal usability testing on Drupal 6, the UX team returned to the University of Minnesota in May 2011 to uncover usability issues and patterns for Drupal 7. After...
Jen Lampton, brad bowman, Angela Byron, Bojhan Somers, David Rothstein, Dharmesh Mistry
Beginner Community
Drupal and Node.js

Drupal is a powerful, flexible platform for building applications, but not something that handles realtime notifcations easily.

Node.js is a breath of fresh...
Justin Randell

Advanced Code & Develop
Drupal as a CRM Platform

As anyone who uses Salesforce or CiviCRM with Drupal already knows, collecting contact information from users can be challenging. In order to effectively manage information about your users, you...
Michael Haggerty

Intermediate Code & Develop
Drupal Commerce - Why It's Awesome

Drupal commerce is a new Drupal based E-commerce solution from the Commerce Guys. It’s built on D7 and uses extensive views integration, which makes it so much more easily configurable than it’s...
Andrew Root

Intermediate Code & Develop
Drush 5

This session will show off some of the cool new features in Drush 5 (and perhaps a few Drush 4 features you didn't even know existed!) and describe how you might incorporate them into your day to...
Owen Barton, Sam Boyer, Mark Sonnabaum, Greg Anderson, Moshe Weitzman

Intermediate Code & Develop
Efficient workflow for design and development projects

We'll take a look at how our web design and development company moves Drupal projects from concept, to design, to production, using Drupal as the technical backbone for much of the process. We'll...
Ken Woodworth, Justin Toupin, Joel Steidl

Intermediate Design & Theme
Engineering for the 80%, too.

There's been a huge push in this community to "Design for the 80%". The idea is that you want to make Drupal really easy for 80 percent of the people who use it. This usually involves setting...
Jen Lampton, Karoly Negyesi

Beginner Community
Features in the Real World: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Features module is a must when developing Drupal sites to ensure you keep as much configuration as possible in code as well as to help facilitate sharing configuration between developers and...
Kristen Pol

Beginner Code & Develop
Fill PDF module: Web form data in, completed PDF form out
If you work in or serve a paperwork-heavy industry, such as real estate, the government, education/schools, law, or sports, you may find that the delay between sending out a PDF form to complete and...
Kevin Kaland
Beginner Code & Develop
Getting it into Drupal with Migrate

Migrate module is a powerful tool for importing, transforming and syncing content from external sources into Drupal. The power comes from an object oriented API that's tricky to get started with....
andrew morton

Advanced Code & Develop
Getting your module maintainers to love you - or at least help you

Positive interactions in the issue queue are an underrated form of contribution to Drupal. If you've ever needed help with Drupal, Core or Contributed modules, or you're new to Drupal and don't...
Lynette Miles

Beginner Community
High Performance Cloud Hosting for Drupal - A Howto

This session will cover a variety of techniques and systems to create a high-performance web hosting environment tailored to Drupal. We will cover tuning Apache and MySQL, as well as adding...
Sam Kottler

Intermediate Code & Develop
How does Drupal Security Stack Up?

Note: this is more of a guided conversation than a presentation.

Let's come and talk about how Drupal's Security fits into the bigger world of web application security. Are we...
Greg Knaddison

Intermediate Community
How Drupal products can take the project to the next level.

Focusing on e-commerce via Drupal Commerce as an example, this session will provide an overview how and why Drupal products can be the next watershed moment for the Drupal project.

Jeffrey McGuire

Beginner Community
How to Build a Mobile Site with Drupal

The trend towards a "mobile first" use of the web is showing
no signs of slowing down
. It's no longer...
Harris Rashid, Andrew Berry

Beginner Design & Theme
How to Defeat "Spam", your website's worst enemy

Drupal based websites are a major target for scalpers, hackers, spammers and automated bots.

By the end of the session you will:

1. Get a demo of a new, robust spam-protection tool...
Satish Polisetti, Daniele Perito, Dhawal Mujumdar

Beginner Site building
How to Land and Keep a Job at a Drupal Web Agency

In this session we’ll explore some of the things you can do to catch the attention of that Drupal web agency you’re hoping to work for. We’ll examine ways you can set yourself up so HR managers...
Glenn Hilton

Beginner Community
Integrating with Facebook: what it means and how to do it

Hi all! Hope you enjoyed the session. If you'd like another go-around on Facebook integration, with updated information (a lot can change in 6 months!) and live examples, I've submitted a follow...
David Hunt

Intermediate Code & Develop
Intermediate Theming

Believe it or not, Drupal makes theming easy!

Drupal provides the themer with a system of overrides that allows you to change literally anything on your site. Themers decide what gets...
David Needham

Intermediate Design & Theme
Internet basics: How the web works

We're in an amazing time with technology empowering people and cultures to grow, communicate and collaborate at truly incredible speeds. Where can we go and what can we do with the tools of the...
Ben Jeavons

Beginner Community
Internet Scale: Building the "Drupal Borg"

The traditional “Cluster” architecture has been around the web since the 1990s. This tried and true model has supported 1,000s of large sites on any number of platforms. However, it has some...
Joshua Koenig, David Strauss

Intermediate Performance
Intro to views
Use views to create lists of content in Drupal 7. Learn how to build a view that has multiple displays, using the whole node or just fields in the list. Customizing the way fields are displayed, and...
Mark Ferree
Beginner Site building
Introduction to CiviCRM for Users, Administrators and Integrators

CiviCRM is a free, libre and open source software constituent relationship management solution. CiviCRM is web-based, internationalized, and designed specifically to meet the needs of advocacy,...
Donald Lobo, David Greenberg

Beginner Community
Introduction to Drupal
New to Drupal or just need a quick refresher in some of the topics and related terminology? In this sessoin we'll explain nodes, blocks, users, roles, taxonomy and many of the other basic concepts...
Joe Shindelar, Matt Kleve
Beginner Community
Introduction to JQuery

Back by popular demand, it's the Introduction to jQuery session. JQuery is the handy and amazing JavaScript library that powers Drupal's dynamic functionality like expandable fieldsets,...
Amit Asaravala

Beginner Code & Develop
Introduction to Module Development

This session provides a fun introduction for people who want to get started writing their first module or extending an existing one. The presentation is both conceptual and hands-on, and covers...
Ezra Gildesgame

Beginner Code & Develop
Keeping your Drupal Site Secure & Working with the Drupal Security Team


- Avoiding common configuration mistakes
- Selecting modules with Security in mind
- The most common security vulnerabilities
- Writing secure code
Matt Chapman

Beginner Code & Develop
Know where the fire is (Monitoring Drupal Sites)

Drupal shops often grow organically with staff members providing their own support. Monitoring the status of a site or equipment is often not in the equation. How can we provide monitoring and...
Mike Hathaway

Advanced Code & Develop
LEMON- Drupal diseases and cures

With the great demand for complex Drupal websites exceeding the supply of experienced developers and with the barrier of entry to building websites low, badly botched Drupal builds are common....
Jody Hamilton

Intermediate Code & Develop
Make Drupal fly with Varnish magic!

We love Drupal. We have a great system with many modules and great innovation benefits contributed by thousands of developers and of course we want to have it all!

So we will reach soon the...
Rumen Yordanov

Advanced Performance
Making Beautiful Maps in Drupal

You could put some markers on a Google Map (and that's alright), but is that really gonna go with your design, or is it really going to tell the story you want your users to see? I'll talk about...
Alan Palazzolo

Intermediate Code & Develop
Meet the Drupal Association

Who are we and what do we do? Come join us to learn more about your Drupal Association.

The Drupal Association is a not-for-profit educational organization that tasks itself with fostering...
Jacob Redding, Neil Drumm

Beginner Community
Modern Theming: Beyond Preprocessing and .tpls

Anyone with experience theming Drupal knows that on a complicated project template files (tpls) can start to stack up, making your project harder to maintain. Fortunately, with Drupal 7 it is much...
Tim Cosgrove

Advanced Design & Theme
Modern Web Typography in Drupal

Over the past two years, the state of web typography has drastically changed, especially so in Drupal. The legal, technical, and usability roadblocks preventing most of us from using web fonts...
Scott Reynen, Ken Woodworth, Garret Voorhees

Beginner Design & Theme
Multistep forms with the CTools wizard

Multistep forms in any system are anything but simple and easy. And with Drupal's Form API, multi step forms are even more complicated.

The Chaos Tool Suite provides a wizard tool to try...
Earl Miles

Advanced Code & Develop
Page Render Drill Down in Drupal 7

Join Moshe Weitzman (http://drupal.org/moshe) for a deep dive into the page render system for Drupal 7. We'll learn how to...
Moshe Weitzman

Intermediate Code & Develop
Panel - Build a better Drupal agency - It's good for Drupal

Let's improve more than the code. Drupal needs smart business leaders as much as it needs brilliant coders. The coders are doing their part, now it's time for the business folks to step up!

Ron Huber, Glenn Hilton, Ben Finklea, Matt Cheney
Intermediate Community
Powering Drupal with nginx (Engine-X)

The world of high-performance tuning is getting turned on its head by this new(-ish) entrant into the world of web servers and reverse proxy caches. nginx (...
Nate Haug

Intermediate Performance
Profiling Drupal with XHProf

By now, most developers within the Drupal community have heard of the many tools and techniques used to improve Drupal performance such as varnish, memcache, solr, apc, ESI, etc. However, each...
Mark Sonnabaum

Advanced Performance
Providing a versioned public API using Services

Providing a public facing API for a site can be a very powerful tool, but without version things can end up in a mess. Versioning ensures that changes can be made to the API without disrupting...
Jimmy Berry

Intermediate Code & Develop

Relation is a new module to create relationships between entities. In this session you will see some of the feature of this extremely powerful module. See how easy it is to create one relation...
Karoly Negyesi

Advanced Code & Develop
Responsive Drupal Theming: Beyond the Media Query

Responsive (or adaptive) layouts are a hot topic right now, and for good reason: they let us serve an appropriate UI to any device loading a site. Once you've created a responsive design, how do...
Chris Ruppel

Intermediate Design & Theme
Sassy CSS: Compass Sass Susy

CSS is necessary in order to specify how fonts, colors, images and layout properties look and act. You need CSS to make your site look "good", but why write plain CSS when you can write Sassy CSS...
Meghan Palagyi

Intermediate Design & Theme
Scaling, and supporting 200 major artist sites in the cloud

In late 2010, a major media company began exploring the option of consolidating all of their sites to a single hosted web platform. The internal team had been very successful in site deployment,...
Kieran Lal

Beginner Case Study
State of Media in Drupal 7 and beyond

Handing media has always been a painful feature in Drupal. With Drupal 7, changes to Drupal Core provided major steps forward. Drupal Core now includes file and image fields which provide users...
Dave Reid

Beginner Code & Develop
Stay Frosty: Making Drupal Rock with the Snowman Project

For years, we've joked that Drupal's "out of the box" experience is the world's most complicated blog. At first glance, Drupal Core is a vanilla mix of features and configuration screens that...
Jeff Eaton

Intermediate Code & Develop
The Drupal Staging Problem

I'm using Dominique De Cooman's term, "the Drupal Staging Problem," to refer to the trouble that most large Drupal sites have...
Dave Cohen

Advanced Code & Develop
The Prairie Initiative: Making drupal.org an effective place to collaborate

Ever since DrupalCon Chicago, a group of us within the Drupal Community have been rallying around an effort known as the Prairie Initiative...
Derek Wright

Beginner Community
The problem of the pixel perfect design

Most Drupaleros have had clients that send detailed design comps and say, "I want a site that looks just like this" -- but the design hasn't taken Drupal into account. That's not going to change....
Jason Yergeau, Stephanie Pakrul

Intermediate Design & Theme
This code stinks!

"Code smell" refers to hints and patterns within code that can be a tip off that something is wrong. Learning to recognize code smells is a critical skill in software engineering. If you can sniff...
Larry Garfield

Intermediate Code & Develop
Using Panels To Make A Smarter Page

There is much you can do with Drupal and Panels. In this session I am looking to introduce people to one of the great and flexible options available in Panels... a node panel. It sounds innocent...
Sean Lange

Beginner Site building
Using Views Programatically

This session will cover progressing beyond simply configuring and using views to creating and modifying views programmatically with both views hooks and views templates.

Jason Yee
Intermediate Code & Develop
What I like about TAO, and I am not talking starbow :)

In 2011 I officially switched over to the TAO base theme. After building a bunch of uniquely different websites I will highlight why I am so happy with my switch....
Jason Chinn

Intermediate Design & Theme
What You See Is (not always) What you Get (but it can be)

Configuring WYSIWYG editors and image handling is a laborious process, riddled with caveats and best practices. The number of contributed modules extending the WYSIWYG experience is vast, and...
Andrew Mallis

Intermediate Site building
Why the *bleep* is my site so slow? (aka Demystifying Drupal Performance Tuning)

Every person reaches this point with their site development for new sites:

  • Development done? Check.
  • Theming done? Check.
  • UAT done? Check.
  • SEO Strategy?...
    Steve Rude
Intermediate Performance
Working with Media in D7

It's been a long time coming, but in D7 media is finally more than field added to a node. Clients, designers, and developers can all rejoice when video added with a WYSIWYG editor to the...
Kevin Reynen

Intermediate Code & Develop